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What is Adoption House?

Adoption House is a licensed, non-profit domestic adoption agency. We work with birth parents and adoptive parents from throughout the United States. Our role as a private adoption agency is to assist you in creating an adoption plan that focuses on your specific needs. We are here to listen and to help, not to judge. Our adoption center provides you with guidance regarding your situation and your choices. In other words, we help you to put all the pieces together, in order to make a decision which is right for you and your baby.

Adoption has played a major role in all of our lives at the Adoption House domestic adoption agency. Our executive director was herself adopted, and each one of our adoption center staff has been touched by adoption, either by placing a child for adoption or by being an adoptive parent. Our adoption experiences led us to assist others in the area of adoption through our private adoption agency. We know firsthand that placing a child for adoption is the greatest gift you can ever give.

We have assisted hundreds of women in creating adoption plans that have led to solid healthy adoptions for everyone involved. We will assist you by helping you to create your very own adoption plan. You get to choose, and if desired, meet the family that you would like to parent your child. The options are yours.

Birth parents work with Adoption House because they can feel the difference in our approach. Because our Executive Director was adopted, and all of us have been touched by adoption, we recognize many of the issues which you may be facing. From the very first call and throughout the adoption, you will feel supported, respected, and appreciated--not pressured or judged. Many of the women with whom we have worked say - "it is like talking to a friend." We listen to your hopes and desires regarding adoption and guide you through every step of the process.

Please call us today to see how we may best be able to assist you in planning adoption for your baby.

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