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Frequently Asked Questions and Adoption Information for Birth Parents

What is Adoption House’s role in the adoption process?

As your adoption associates, our role is to help you. We help you create an adoption plan that focuses on your wishes and needs. We help you in your search for the right adoptive parents for your baby and with finding the adoption information you need. Once the parents are chosen to adopt a baby, we help by making sure the birthparents have the resources needed to assist them in a legal and caring adoption plan. Our caring and dedicated staff works as your adoption associates to help you prepare for both the emotional and practical aspects of the adoption. We provide all of this help to you free of charge.

Will I be able to choose my baby's parents?

Yes, you can choose the adoptive family that you think is ready and able to adopt a baby. As part of your counseling, you will decide what you are looking for in an adoptive family. Based on your preferences, you and your counselor will review couples that closely match your criteria. If you feel comfortable, we will arrange a phone conversation to help you make your decision. You can choose how much or how little contact you would like. You may also choose someone who is a friend, family acquaintance or someone who has been recommended to you. The choices are yours.

How can Adoption House help me if I live in another State?

Adoption House works with women located throughout the United States who are considering adoption. We also work with adoptive couples from throughout the United States. Once you have selected a couple, we will arrange for you to talk to them by phone or, if possible, meet them in person. If you are ever in need of immediate assistance, we have an established network of adoption professionals who can help.

What happens after I choose the adoptive parents?

Once you have selected the adoptive parents we will schedule and coordinate a phone call between you, us, and the adoptive parents so that you can be sure you are comfortable with your choice.

What will I need to do after I select the adoptive parents?

Adoption House asks that you provide us with the following:

  • Proof of pregnancy
  • If possible, a picture of yourself and the birth father
  • A signed medical release so that we can obtain your prenatal records
  • Completed health and medical background information forms

Does Adoption House offer open adoptions?

Yes. There are different types of adoption and we can help you understand all the options. The degree of openness is up to you. Our adoptive families understand your need to know that your baby is well cared for. You may choose to have pictures and updates sent to you. The choice is yours.

Can I receive help with living expenses?

Yes. Expenses, as approved by the court, can be provided by Adoption House to assist you during the time of your pregnancy. Most states allow for some pregnancy related expenses typically; living expenses, utilities, food and maternity clothing. All counseling, medical and legal services will be at no cost to you.

How are adopting couples screened?

Adoptive families approved by Adoption House must meet our high standards of a stable home, excellent personal references, employment verification, health and medical forms and approved clearance by the State Police and FBI. We do extensive home studies to ensure the finest families are chosen. Our counselors visit the homes and spend time with all of our couples to be sure we are providing the very best choices for you. You may choose to exchange pictures and letters to see how well loved and cared for your baby is.

Will I be responsible for my medical bills for this pregnancy?

No. The couple that is adopting your baby will be responsible for any out of pocket medical expenses related to the pregnancy. Many women are eligible for medical insurance or public assistance and Adoption House can assist in determining your eligibility. If you are not covered by Medicaid, Adoption House can help you obtain coverage. If you are denied coverage, Adoption House can help with your medical expenses. If you have private insurance, the adopting couple will cover any co-pays or deductibles. If you do not have private insurance, and if you qualify, we will assist you in getting on your state's medical plan.

When will I sign over my parental rights?

The laws regarding termination of birth parent rights vary from state to state. We will make certain that your rights are explained to you. We strongly believe that you need to be fully aware of your rights and that you have a total understanding before you sign anything.

What happens if I change my mind?

At Adoption House we actively provide you with many resources to determine prior to the birth if adoption is the right choice for you and your baby. Our skilled and caring staff will help you look at your options and to prepare for the emotions you may experience during and after the birth. If however for any reason you decide that adoption is not the right choice for you, we will absolutely respect and abide by your decision. We understand that this is significant and important. However, we believe that should you decide to plan adoption for your child, you should enter into that plan with a firm commitment. We believe that you should know the choices you make will have a tremendous impact on many people's lives, and that such a decision should never be taken lightly.

How do I know my legal rights and that all aspects of the adoption are being properly handled?

At Adoption House, we are blessed in having our own in-house staff attorney. Harlan Tenenbaum, Esq. Is the Chairman of the American Bar Association Family Law Section Adoption Committee, a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, legal advisor to the National Council for Adoption, and the recipient of the Angel of Adoption Award by the Congress of the United States. Once you have selected an adoptive couple, a licensed agency or adoption attorney will ensure that you understand all of the legal issues involved in the adoption process. They will be your resource regarding your states laws and how they apply to you.

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