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Services We Provide for BirthParents

24-Hour Telephone Support

An experienced, live and caring person will be available to talk to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, about your adoption search and every other issue.

A Personalized Adoption Plan

We will help you create a personalized adoption plan that centers on your needs and wishes. Adoption House can assist you with all your needs during pregnancy. We provide counseling, assist you in choosing a family for the baby, take care of legal work and help you with allowable expenses if needed.

Choice of Adoptive Parents

Birthparents can choose the adoptive parents and family that they want to adopt their baby. We work with couples from throughout the United States as part of an adoption search, and based on your preferences, we will provide you information about these couples so that you can make an informed decision about the kind of life your baby will have. You can review these couples' profiles, and choose a couple that appeals to you. You can also choose how much or how little contact you would like. In addition, you may choose someone who is a friend, family acquaintance or someone who has been recommended to you. The choices are yours.

Screening of Adoptive Parents

Adoptive families approved by Adoption House must meet our high standards of a stable home, excellent personal references, employment verification, health and medical forms and approved clearance by the State Police and FBI. We do extensive home studies to ensure the finest families are chosen. Our counselors visit the homes and spend time with all of our couples to be sure we are providing the very best choices for you. You may choose to exchange pictures and letters to see how well loved and cared for your baby is.

Financial Support

Expenses, as approved by the court, can be provided by Adoption House to assist you during the time of your pregnancy. Most states allow for some pregnancy related expenses, typically; living expenses, utilities, food and maternity clothing. All counseling, medical and legal services will be at no cost to you.

Each state has different guidelines regarding support. We will discuss your options with you and make certain you receive the help you need and are allowed.

Medical Care

You will not be responsible for any medical expenses. Many women are eligible for medical insurance or public assistance and Adoption House can assist in determining your eligibility. If you are not covered by Medicaid, Adoption House can help you obtain coverage. If you are denied coverage, Adoption House can help with your medical expenses

In-Person Counseling

Counseling will be made available to you before, during, and after the birth, at no cost to you. Our goal is to ensure that you get all of the emotional support needed to make the right decision for you and your baby.

Arrange Legal Services For You

Once you have selected the couple you want to adopt your baby, you will be provided with legal services from an adoption attorney or agency, at no cost to you. An attorney or agency will be there for you to ensure you know and understand your legal rights.

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