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Why Work with Adoption House When You Want to Adopt a Child?

There are two ways to go about placing a child up for adoption: One is through a private adoption attorney and the other is an agency adoption.

Adoption House is a licensed adoption agency, and if you choose to place your baby for adoption using Adoption House, it would be considered an agency adoption.

If the adoption is being handled by your minister, your lawyer, a counselor, a doctor or a friend - anybody who is helping you but is not licensed by the state authorities as an adoption specialist - it is considered an "independent" or "private" adoption.

A family can hire a private adoption attorney, and the family and the attorney then go in search of a birthmother with a baby for adoption. They may advertise in the newspaper or on the Internet, or they may even contact doctors, hospitals social workers and ministers. In other words, they contact anybody and everybody in an effort to find trustworthy people that want to adopt a child. You in turn see their ad on the Internet or in the paper, or you hear about them from your doctor or a friend. Then, you call the family or their attorney.

A private adoption can be very risky for you and your child. The attorney, the family, and/or the referral source are working to get your child placed with the family and they are interested in protecting the adopting family and their rights - not necessarily yours or your baby's. The adopting family is interested in presenting the best picture and they will do everything possible to keep anything negative about them from you.

You may not really know anything about that family, except what they allow you to be told. They may not have been screened well, so you don't know if they will provide your baby with a good life. You can not be sure they have no criminal record. Or that their marriage is truly stable. Or that they have a healthy mental outlook and a truly positive way of handling children.

A private adoption is also risky because the family can promise you things - like pictures and updates on the child. But they do not have to follow through with the promise because your rights to the child will be surrendered without conditions and you may have no way to enforce the family's promises, even if an agreement is in writing.

In placing your baby for adoption through Adoption House, you are being helped by a group of people who are licensed to help pregnant women plan adoption, to carefully and thoroughly screen adopting families, and to supervise and monitor the placement of your baby with the adopting parents. We have the responsibility to watch out for you and your child.

Placing your baby for adoption through Adoption House can be much safer for your child than a private adoption. We carefully screen all families. We check out state police, child abuse, and FBI records. We carefully evaluate mental health histories, income tax records, references, marriage stability, child rearing attitudes, etc.

Additionally, we can help to enforce the promises the family has made regarding pictures, updates, seeing the child, etc. We can also help coordinate your prenatal care with the hospital and help make sure you get follow-up care.

Another benefit which we offer is that you can receive counseling from us. The counseling will be whatever you need and/or want. With our agency, we are here to help you make the best decision for yourself and the baby. We do not automatically assume you will place your child for adoption. But if you feel adoption is the best option to you, we will be able to help you.

Our counseling is offered throughout the entire process - now, when the baby is born, and even afterwards for as long as you need it. As is the case with most agencies, the counseling we offer is free to you.

We have a toll-free phone number available for you to call, and are available for you every day of the week, on weekends, and holidays.

We are here to make sure you and your baby have options and protections that are not available when you deal directly with an adopting family, when you deal with an adopting family's attorney, or when you deal with an outfit that is not licensed at all.

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