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China Special Needs Children Waiting for Adoptive Families

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China Special Needs Child

Wanda - Family Pending
Female, born 24-Sept-2005

Cleft lip and palate

Wanda is a happy little girl. Her caregivers describe her as active and bright. She enjoys being rocked in a rocker. Her favorite toys make noise. She enjoys little rattles or bells.

China Special Needs Child

Female, born 18-Jul-2005

Compound diseases

Wendy is a happy child. Her favorite activity is sitting in her rocker. Her favorite toy is a white stuffed rabbit.

China Special Needs Child

Female, born 29-Apr-2005


Chelsey is active and loveable. She enjoys being talked to and sung to. She loves listening to children’s songs. Chelsey also enjoys colorful, sound-making toys.

China Special Needs Child

Halle - Family Pending
Female, born 29-Sept-2004

Cardiovascular system disease

Halle is cheerful and playful. She loves playing outside, on the playground and with friends who are close to her age. Halle can be shy around strangers, but is polite when encouraged by her caregiver. Her favorite activity is playing with cell phones. She also enjoys reading picture books, watching TV, and listening (and dancing) to music.

China Special Needs Child

Female, born 19-Apr-1998

Right upper arm function abnormality

Shirley loves to care for and play with the younger children in her orphanage. She is learning to read and write. She can also do simple math problems, and can write numbers 0 to 100. Shirley enjoys listening to music, singing, and dancing. She also loves art. She can be shy around strangers at first, but will warm up in a short amount of time. She is gentle, kind, and has many friends.

China Special Needs Child

Male, born 23-Feb-2003

Bilateral congenital aural atresia

Chuck is an enthusiastic little boy. He loves to play with colorful toys, but his favorite is balls. He enjoys drawing with crayons and pencils. He enjoys playing outside. He will play games with or imitate his friends. Chuck has a good appetite, but can be picky about his vegetables.

China Special Needs Child

Zack - Family Pending
Male, born 13-Mar-2003

Eye disease

Zack is a tidy little boy. He prefers his appearance to be neat and clean, otherwise he can get fussy. Zack is a good eater, who always clears his plate. He also loves to follow his caregiver around and help her doing tasks. He enjoys playing outside and little toy cars.

China Special Needs Child

Frank - Family Pending
Male, born 25-Aug-2004

Limb deformity

Frank has a mild, yet active and loveable manner. He loves to laugh and loves to dance. Frank is somewhat introverted and can be apprehensive around strangers. His favorite toy is a little stuffed teddy bear.

China Special Needs Child

Suzie - Family Pending
Female, born 1-Aug-2005

Cleft lip and palate

Suzie is a very happy and active child. She is extroverted and loves to laugh. She is close to her caregiver and enjoys playing her caregiver. She also enjoys playing outside. Her favorite toy is her little stuffed teddy bear.

China Special Needs Child

Shannon - Family Pending
Female, born 14-Nov-2004


Shannon is a sweet and happy little girl. Her caregivers describe her as a little "cherub". She is active and gets excited when she hears her name. Shannon enjoys being massaged and exercised by her caregiver. Her favorite toys make noise, especially rattle balls.

China Special Needs Child

Tina - Family Pending
Female, born 15-Sep-2004

Congenital heart disease, Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)

Tina is a very cheerful little girl. She is friendly and smiles constantly. She enjoys watching TV and being taken outside. She has big, expressive eyes. Tina is adored by her caregivers.

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