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Next Steps in Adopting a Special Needs Child from China

The Adoption Process for Special Children from China

The adoption of a child with special needs requires several additional documents that are submitted to the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) prior to the preparation of your dossier. These forms allow the CCAA to know how you will nurture and care for the special child you will be welcoming into your family.

Once you have identified a waiting child, there are two forms that must be submitted to Adoption House. We will send the forms to the CCAA in order for them to issue a "Pre-Approval" letter.

  1. Letter of Intent: This form comes as part of the referral information for each special needs child. You will need to write a one-page description of your reasons for wanting to adopt this particular child. This description will need to include information about how you will help the child adjust to a new home, new family, new language, and new culture. It needs to include your plans for the child's education, medical treatments, and any necessary surgeries, rehabilitation efforts, therapies, etc. It should also include how you are experienced, trained, knowledgeable, qualified, etc. about the special needs condition of the child. Finally, it must state that you are willing to provide the child with whatever medical course of action is necessary for their special need. Be specific.

    This form must be signed by both parents and sent Adoption House for us to submit to the CCAA.
  2. Information about Prospective Adoptive Parents: This form gives basic information about the adoptive parents, their occupations, income, and family. Adoption House will complete the section on "Advantages of Nurturing" based on the information in your Letter of Intent.

    This form does not have to be signed.
  3. Summary Information Sheet: This form is very similar to the previous information form, but is required for all China adoptions, both special needs and non-special needs.

    This form does not have to be signed.


After the above documents have been sent to CCAA, they will review the information and issue a letter of pre-approval for the adoption of your child. While waiting for the CCAA pre-approval we encourage you to proceed with the home study process and the preparation of your dossier.

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