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Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting a Child from China

Adopt a Chinese Child

Q: Is it possible to travel and not receive a child?

A: This is highly unlikely. We have never had an instance where the Chinese Government refused to complete an adoption for a traveling family. You are approved by both the US government and the People's Republic of China government prior to traveling. Your child is identified before you go. The China trip is simply to complete the adoption and to return home.

Q: How long does the adoption process really take?

A: Our agency prides itself in the efficiency with which we process applications and prepare our adoptive parents. While not every part of the adoption process is within Adoption House's control, a normal time frame from the beginning of the process until you receive our child is approximately one year. For persons who already have Immigration approval and a completed home study, the process can be significantly faster.

Q: Will my child be a U.S. citizen?

A: Yes, your child is eligible for citizenship by virtue of your citizen status as adoptive parent to the child. The process with which you receive citizenship for the child is a simple process performed through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Q: Can Adoption House work with someone outside the state of Delaware?

A: Yes, Adoption House works with families from all 50 states and a small number of families who reside outside of the United States. For families who live outside Delaware and Pennsylvania, Adoption House, Inc. can help you to identify a local licensed home study agency to perform your home study. The study can then be forwarded to Adoption House for processing.

Q: Can I adopt more than one child at the same time?

A: Although it is occasionally possible to adopt twins from China, they are rarely available. However, adopting a second child has not been a problem to date. It is possible to return to China after adopting one child to adopt a 2nd or 3rd.

Q: How is the health of the children?

A: Overall, children from Asia are in exceptionally good health, and they are significantly healthier than children placed from many other areas of the world. As in any developing country, there will be minor medical problems such as rashes, colds, respiratory infections, mild developmental delays, ear infections, etc. The children are tested for Hepatitis B, which is common in Asia, before being referred for adoption.

Q: Are boys available for adoption?

A: Yes, boys are available for adoption, but the majority of children available are girls.

Q: What age children are available?

A: Generally children have been as young as 6 months and as old as young teenagers. Adoption House has been successful in placing children very close to the ages requested by adoptive parents. Most of the children placed are between 7-10 months of age.

Q: Will I be on my own in China or will I have assistance?

A: Adoption House, Inc. sends groups of adopters to China, generally adopting 5-15 children at a time. You will travel as a group to the same province and complete the process as a group. You will be escorted throughout the process by individuals experienced with adoptions and familiar with the language and customs of the country.

Q: Do I need additional legal counsel to complete the adoption?

A: Generally no. The adoption is completed in China and it is recognized here in the United States upon your return. Many families will chooses a simple process of re-adoption here in the United States which allows for the change of the baby's name, the receipt of a local birth certificate and local court decree. Adoption House's attorney will be happy to complete this process if you desire.

Q: Is it necessary to travel to China and how long is the stay?

A: A brief trip to China is required because the adoption is legally completed in China. Although in the case of couples, husband and wife are welcome to travel, only one is required to travel. The trip can be completed in approximately 10-12 days.

Q: Are singles eligible to adopt?

A: Single women are certainly welcome to adopt from China.

Q: Can I adopt if I have other children?

A: Yes.

Q: How difficult is the paperwork to complete in adoption?

A: Adoption House, Inc. will assist you in completing all of the paperwork required. Adoption House takes pride in assisting you with easy to follow instructions and personalized advice throughout the entire process. Adoption House also tries to make the process as smooth as possible by performing many of the tasks for you.

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