Chinese Adoption
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Health and Availability of Adoptive Children from China

Adopt a Chinese Child

The children that are available for adoption are primarily females, ranging in age from six months and older. Most children placed are approximately 7-10 months of age. The adoptive parent(s) select the gender and age group of the child they are interested in adopting, and China then matches you with a child of that gender in the approximate age group. You will receive a picture of the child and a summary of the medical examination.

Overall, children from China continue to be amongst the healthiest children available for international adoption. Our placements have involved almost all healthy children. HIV/AIDS has not been an issue nor have the typical sexually related diseases. Women generally do not smoke cigarettes, and the incidents of fetal alcohol syndrome are extremely rare. There are frequently minor medical conditions such as colds, respiratory or ear infections, and diaper rash, but nothing severe or life threatening. As with any developing country, however, the conditions in the orphanages are not as we have in the United States, and many times, the child will be slightly malnourished and may have mild developmental delays. Once the children receive the attention of a loving family and appropriate nutritional, medical and developmental care, almost all children catch up quickly and thrive.

Hepatitis B is common in Asia and national statistics show that approximately 6% of children adopted in China have later tested positive as carriers of Hepatitis B. Adoption House, Inc. regularly surveys parents who have completed adoptions through our agency and agency statistics indicate a reported Hepatitis B rate much lower than national rates.

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