Chinese Adoption
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The China Adoption Program

Adopt a Chinese Child

Adopt a Chinese Child

In 1992 China opened its doors to international adoption. Since then, China adoptions have been the fastest growing and most successful of all international placements. The reasons for this are many. The Chinese government views adoption as a humanitarian effort, and therefore, it has been extremely supportive and cooperative. The Chinese adoption program has historically been more stable than most other adoption programs and regulations have been consistently applied, thereby resulting in an adoption program upon which families can rely.

China adoptions are among the least expensive of all international adoptions, and there are many children available for adoption and in need of loving homes. In addition, the health of the children from China has been exceptionally good relative to other areas of the world where adoptions occur.

The process for completing a Chinese adoption is straightforward, and the procedures with which to comply are relatively easy and understandable. China adoptions, more than any other international adoption today, are instituted a centralized process, regulated and managed by the government. The result of this process is a defined adoption program, which is reliable and consistent. The China adoption process is relatively quick, with normal processing time from start to finish of approximately twelve months. The people of China are excited and happy to see children being adopted by parents from the United States.

Adopting from China generally involves two distinct steps and multiple approvals:

Step one. Preparation of documents; obtain approval by the Chinese and American authorities; and receive the referral of a child.

Step two. Travel to China to complete the adoption and return home with your child.

Step one is performed primarily by the prospective adoptive parents and Adoption House, and includes assistance to you in understanding the adoption process, preparing for your foreign born child, and securing all required documentation and approvals. During this process, three approvals are received:

a. Approval from a licensed agency in the form of a home study;

b. Approval from the United States government (CIS) in the form of an advanced processing petition; and

c. Approval from the Chinese government.

A dossier (country application) is compiled for the Chinese government's review and approval. Adoption House will assist you in obtaining all of these approvals. We will walk you through each of the above steps and file the necessary applications with CIS and China on your behalf.

Step two is performed in China and includes assisting with travel plans, coordinating the in-country efforts for the adoption and walking the adoptive parents through the in-country adoption process. The staff of our Beijing office has established a working relationship with the Chinese authorities and our facilitators are knowledgeable in the Chinese adoption process. In addition, we use travel professionals in China who are experienced in all aspects of international travel and tourism. These combined experiences are essential for the adoption process to be a success.

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