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Provide Nationwide Adoption Advertising
As part of our adoption services, Adoption House places ads aimed at birthmothers on a nationwide basis. The ads provide a toll-free number that is personally answered by an experienced birth parent counselor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to Yellow Page and classified advertising, Adoption House also aggressively networks for potential birth parents via other adoption professionals, the Internet, clinics or any other sources that Adoption House deems appropriate. The apprehension, stress and time commitment of placing your own ads and responding to birthmother phone calls is entirely eliminated.

Focus On You and Your Private Adoption Priorities
Through our adoption application process, our adoption professionals will get to know you and work with you to understand and prioritize your adoption preferences. How much contact would you like to have with the birthparent during the pregnancy? How much afterwards? Is the geographic location of the birth parent a concern for you? What is your comfort level in adopting a child of another race? What potential health issues, if any, would be acceptable to you?

Professional Preparation of Your Profile
Your profile, also known as a "Dear Birth Mother Letter" is a major part of the adoption process. Birth mothers review these to help them decide who they would like to parent their child. Typically these letters portray who you are as people, why you hope to adopt and what you hope to offer a child. It is vital that these be presented to birthparents in an attractive, error free, professional manner. We will assist you in writing your profile, choosing which pictures to place in it, and then forward the profile to a professional graphic designer who will produce a polished finished product.

Answer the Initial Birth Mother Calls
A birth mother can contact Adoption House 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone call is a hard, confusing, and emotional one to make, but also one that is both loving and courageous on the part of the birthmother. It is important to all of us at Adoption House that birth mother calls are treated with the compassion, dignity and respect that match the decision she is about to make. During the first phone call, we will listen to the birthmother and, if appropriate, complete a brief screening, encourage her to seek prenatal care and offer assistance in any way we can.

Screening the calls that come in over the birth mother line is critical. We have our trained and experienced birth parent counseling staff handle birth mother calls, not an answering service. Inexperienced individuals can become very nervous during these critical initial calls and can lose what might have been a good situation. In addition, given the breadth of advertising, not all calls coming in are legitimate birthmothers wanting to make an adoption plan. Through our years of experience in handling these calls we are able to sort out the false leads from the legitimate calls saving you the aggravation and emotional stress of handling these calls on your own.

Present Your "Dear Birth Mother Letter" to Potential Birth Parent(s)
When a birth mother calls, we listen very carefully to the birthmother's wishes regarding the couple that will raise her baby. Based upon our conversation, we send her our client's "Dear Birth Mother Letters", which reasonably meet her criteria. A birth mother will review these letters, and if she selects a couple, will generally want us to help arrange an initial phone call.

Arrange Your Initial Contact with the Birth mother
This is the call you have been waiting for. This call can be very stressful for both the birthmother and adopting parents. Adoption House will coordinate this conference call, helping to alleviate some of the nervousness and to smooth the progress of the conversation so that you are all able to get to know one another better. We will walk you through this.

We Work With You Throughout The Entire Process
We will maintain regular contact with you and the birth parents throughout every step of the adoption process.

Provide You With Birth Mother Choices
At Adoption House, Inc., you have choices. If a relationship with a birth mother does not work out, we will continue our search for a new opportunity for you.

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