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Next Steps for a Domestic Adoption

Before proceeding, you should seriously consider if adoption is the right choice for you. If adoption is your choice, review the following steps:

  • Create an adoption budget that is comfortable but realistic. Get a clear understanding of all fees involved. Factor in legal and adoption agency fees, home study fees, potential travel expenses and potential birth mother expenses. Some fees will depend upon where the birth mother is located and her individual requirements. Total adoption costs can vary greatly from state to state and from case to case, so compute your adoption budget accordingly. Adoptive parents should consult with their local adoption agency and/or adoption attorney to get a better understanding of typical adoption costs in their location.
  • Decide what traits or characteristics you are looking for in birth parents, i.e., age, ethnic background, special needs and openness to the birth mother.
  • Would you prefer an international or domestic adoption?
  • Decide how you would like to proceed with your search for your adoptive child/infant. These choices include: search on your own, through an adoption attorney or agency, international adoption, or using a facilitator service.
  • Discuss your adoption plans with a local adoption agency or attorney. Each state has different requirements regarding the adoption process. Make sure you understand your state's requirements.
  • Prior to finalizing an adoption, all adopting parents must complete an extensive home study in their state. This home study usually involves several interviews as well as medical, criminal and financial background checks. Upon successful completion, this home study will certify that the adopting parent(s) are qualified to adopt. This process typically takes 30 to 60 days to complete. You need to discuss your states home study requirements and fees with your local adoption agency or attorney. Most states require that you have a completed home study prior to taking custody of a child for adoption. It is sometimes possible to start your search for potential birth parents while you are completing your home study.

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