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Why Choose an Adoption Attorney From Adoption House for Your Domestic Adoption?

Adoption House, Inc., has taken the best of services provided by an adoption center, an adoption lawyer and an intermediary, and placed these services under one roof to benefit you - our client.

Years ago, birth parents never met or selected adopting couples. Everything was closed and handled through an adoption center that passively waited for birthparents to seek them out. Today, that has all changed and most adoptions are open, at least prior to birth. What this means is that birth parents will choose the adoptive couple and talk with you and meet you prior to the birth. Birth mothers typically select adoptive families by reviewing "Dear Birth Mother Letters" or profiles that adoptive couples prepare and are shown to them by an adoption attorney. How do birth mothers find out that you are a couple considering adoption? This is where an adoption lawyer from Adoption House, Inc., can help. You need to maximize your exposure and get your profile information in the hands of potential birth mothers. Adoption outreach is not a required component of an adoption, however it may be the most important service to you.

All adoptions consist of three phases - one, locating an infant to adopt, two, counseling and supporting the decision to adopt, and three, the required legal steps to complete the adoption. There is no hope for a completed adoption until you are working with a potential birth mother. Our outreach service can greatly reduce the time it takes a couple to locate a domestic infant to adopt. We run extensive multi-state advertising geared toward locating potential birth parents. Because of our extensive advertising and limited number of clients, we have one of the shortest waits in the United States for locating domestic infants for adoption. Once we locate a birth parent for you, we will work with her throughout the duration of her pregnancy. Our experienced birth parent counselors will provide counseling, support, guidance and understanding, all in an effort to assist the birth parent in making what oftentimes is one of the most difficult decisions of her life. When the birth mother chooses to place her child for adoption with you, we can also coordinate and assist with the legal proceedings in the adoption.

Finally a service which addresses all of your needs!

What is the traditional attorney or agency role in an adoption?

Attorneys or Agencies are a required component of every adoption. Attorneys perform the requisite legal work in the adoption-the termination of parental rights and finalization of the adoption. Agencies provide counseling and assistance to birthparents, helping them through the highly emotional decision-making process and assisting with grief issues and life planning. However, attorneys and agencies are not required to help you in your search for birth parents. In fact, it is imperative that you be very careful in understanding their role in the search process. Many agencies and attorneys will reluctantly admit that they have limited or no programs to help locate potential birth mothers. Their role is solely to provide the legal work or counseling component of the adoption. This is not necessarily a problem, so long as you understand what their role is. A problem we see quite often is from unfortunate individuals who have erroneously assumed that the agency or attorney with whom they had contracted to assist them with their adoption was going to provide an active search only to find out, one or more years later, that the agency or attorney doesn't get many birth mothers. Most attorneys or agencies are not experts in locating potential birth mothers. Please be certain you understand the services that they in fact do and do not provide. This is crucial. Many unsuspecting couples and individuals who are looking to adopt waste precious time while waiting on another agency's or attorney's wait list. Please do not let this happen to you.

What is an Adoption Facilitator and why have I heard so many bad things about them?

By definition an adoption facilitator is a for-profit entity that helps to bring together prospective adoptive parents with potential birth parents and that is neither an attorney nor an agency. If you use an adoption facilitator you will also absolutely need an adoption attorney, an adoption agency or both. Many facilitators charge handsomely for their service, and currently the services provided by facilitators are illegal in over half of the United States. Remember the internet twin scandal that rocked the adoption world? That was brought to you by an adoption facilitator. In those few states that allow facilitators to operate, there are few if any licensing requirements. Unlike agencies or attorneys who must answer to regulatory and licensing higher authorities, facilitators in most states do not.

Important questions to ask adoption professionals

  • Do you provide an aggressive and proven birth mother search program for your clients?
  • If you do, can you give me an overview of how your program reaches potential birth mothers?
  • Of the adoptions you finalized last year, how many were a result of you locating the birth parents?
  • How many clients do you work with at a time?
  • During the last year, what was the average wait for your clients to adopt?
  • During the last year, what was the average cost for your clients to adopt?
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