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Guatemala Travel Requirements and Arrangements

Adoption Baby Guatemala

Upon receiving and accepting the referral of your child, you have an option to visit the child prior to any of the adoption proceedings occurring in court. In addition you also have the option of traveling or not traveling. Adoption House offers a service to bring children home from Guatemala. While this may be convenient, and sound ideal, we at Adoption House still believe it is a better idea for at least one parent to travel to Guatemala to receive their child. If both parents are able to travel, the experience will be well worth the time and cost. Single persons are also encouraged to adopt from Guatemala. Your trip to Guatemala lasts on average 3-4 days. Travel to Guatemala is arranged with both individuals and groups of parents traveling and working together. You will be met by escorts and guided through your entire adoption process and trip to Guatemala. The adoption is finalized while you are there, or in the United States if the escort option is taken. Upon your return to the United States, your child is automatically eligible for U.S. citizenship by virtue of your U.S. citizenship.

Adoption House's facilitators will be making all of your in-country arrangements in Guatemala. Time for sightseeing and shopping can also be arrangedfor you.

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