Kazakhstan Adoption
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Cost to Adopt a Child from Kazakhstan

Infant Adoption Kazakhstan

The cost to adopt a child from Kazakhstan is pretty standard and includes everything from agency fees to travel costs. The Kazakhstan adoption costs include standard home study fees, travel fees and all other government and processing costs. The complete list of Kazakhstani adoption costs are listed below.

  • Agency Fees
    • Application fee
    • Review and counsel
    • Submission of Dossier
    • Acceptance of a referral
  • Travel Costs
    • Airfare
    • Hotels
    • Intercontinental flights
    • Ground transportation
    • Meals
    • Return trip seat for your child
  • Government Fees
    • Citizen & Immigration Service costs
    • FBI fingerprinting
    • Documentation and Dossier authentication fees
    • Kazakhstan consulate fees and translation
    • State and Local Fees
    • Kazakhstan Embassy/Consulate fees
  • Other Costs
    • Home Study
    • CIS/INS Fees
    • China post placement reports

We welcome your inquiries about Kazakhstan adoption costs and the opportunity to help you make your house an Adoption House. The above list of Kazakhstani adoption costs may vary by your state and specific situation.

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