Russia Adoption
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Russian Adoption Travel Requirements and Arrangements

Adopt a Russian Child

Your first trip to Russia is to match you with a child, at which time videotaping and photographing are permitted. It is necessary for both parents to travel. The length of the trip is approximately 3-5 days. Single persons are also encouraged to adopt from Russia. Once you have been matched with a child you will return to the states and wait for a hearing date. Once that is scheduled you return to Russia for 7-10 days to bring your child home. Travel to Russia is arranged with both individuals and groups of parents traveling and working together. You will be met by escorts and guided through your entire adoption process and trip to Russia. The adoption is finalized while you are in Russia and upon your return to the United States your child is automatically eligible for U.S. citizenship by virtue of your U.S. citizenship.

Adoption House's facilitators will be making all of your in-country arrangements in Russia. Time for sightseeing and shopping is also arranged for your convenience.

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